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“Paul is an exceptional physio. He has a rare ability to alleviate extreme pain, genuinely assess its cause and provide a rehab programme that works. Unlike others, he doesn’t try to sell you a lengthy course of sessions – the focus is always on what you actually need to get better.  

Anyone who has suffered prolonged pain knows that this can impact not just the quality of physical life, but also psychological well-being. During a post-op period of severe pain, what I appreciated most (other than the fact he actually made me recover) was his unwavering positivity and encouragement.  You leave every session feeling better and happier, and, usually, having laughed a lot.”



“In 1996 I was run down by a motor bicycle and received serious injuries to my knee. I was warned at the time it was possible that I would not walk properly again. Following five months in a steel frame, two operations and eight months of physiotherapy with Paul Vipond I am now walking again normally. This unexpected outcome was thanks firstly to my surgeon, but then to the outstanding expertise, patience, and encouragement of Paul. This was in fact the second time Paul had treated me for a leg injury and, coming from a distinguished medical family, I can honestly say that I would recommend Paul over any other specialist in his field and will always remain grateful to him.



” Paul is a highly-experienced physiotherapist that I have worked closely with for a number of years. We have shared many patients and I know that when they see Paul, they will get a thorough, experienced and skilled assessment of their problem. This allows Paul to set up a bespoke and clear treatment plan for my patients and most importantly he keeps them engaged with their rehabilitation plan.  This is vital for me as a Consultant in Sports Medicine as I know that my patients are getting the best care around. I would fully recommend his services to all.

Dr Michael S. Burdon

Consultant in Sport, Exercise and Musculoskeletal Medicine 

“Teamwork is essential but it only works if the members of the team are the best and work together – I have for several years been part of such a powerful team. I’m my opinion Paul is one of a rare breed of physiotherapists with insight, compassion and expertise. Paul’s gift is a blend of knowledge, practical ability, fostering patient cooperation, gaining trust and being driven by getting results.


With his move from London to Brighton it is a loss to the capital, but Brighton’s gain.
If you have a musculoskeletal problem, you can trust Paul to do everything humanly possible to get you on the road to health and fitness.”

Mr Colin Natali

Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon

“I was referred to Paul following an operation on my knee. I had managed to make it all the way to my early 30s without ever breaking a limb or undergoing a general anaesthetic, so I had never faced a rehab journey on quite this scale – to say I felt overwhelmed is an understatement. From the very first time I saw him, Paul put me at ease with his calm manner, sense of humour and the obvious fact that he knew exactly what he was doing. I am prone to anxiety and all the stress and worry that accompanies it – but Paul’s advice and guidance meant I never once doubted my ability to recover nor did I ever feel as though I was being pushed to anything my body wasn’t ready for. My knee has fully recovered and I now find myself looking for niggles in other places just so I can catch up with Paul because I love spending time in his company! Unfortunately, he’s so good at his job, I am quite mended and so I have had no need of him for quite some time now!”



“Paul has been looking after my physical health for over 10 years. He has put me back together more times than I care to remember, and has never failed to get me back to where I wanted to be. He is a one-off and a true professional: he treats every problem on its merits, never falls back on simple out of the box treatments, is always up to date with the latest techniques, and stays close to the surgeons and their developments. I would travel 100 miles or more to be treated by Paul.



“I went for a run this morning and reminded myself how lucky I am to be able to bounce up & down hills despite two ACL replacements, slipped disks in both my neck and lower back, a shoulder operation and a life-long dodgy sacroiliac.

Why – because over the last 15 years Paul has patiently helped me learn to put myself back together. He rubs and stretches, pulls and pushes, but most importantly for me teaches you how to work your own body to be a better, stronger, and most importantly more balanced body. He won’t give you a simple answer, but he will give you a route map to whatever you want or need to achieve in terms of health or recovery. And all that with a wicked sense of fun and humour. 

Not just me, but all my family are better capable of looking after themselves because of the trust we all feel we can put in Paul.

I sometimes fear he will work himself into redundancy because he equips you to be your own physio, but inevitably I find myself back on his bench laughing with Paul whilst he inflicts some minor pain and sends me on yet another Vipond induced self-improvement journey. 

Thanks Paul, London misses you terribly.” 



Paul has been instrumental in regaining my strength and mobility after an ACL rupture and meniscus tear, and for that I can’t be more grateful. I’m particularly thankful for the advice and encouragement when it was easy to be disheartened by the length of the recovery time post-surgery, and also for managing to make me laugh along the way. The sessions were diverse and challenging, which made the countless early starts and hard work all the more worthwhile. I can’t recommend Paul enough to anyone going through a similar experience – thank you again!”



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